Data collection (Healthcare integration)

Legal and administrative obstacles discussed at the meetings, that are hindering the border-crossing of ambulances in cases of emergency concern several fields beside healthcare, including transport, communication and other administrative matters. In order to clarify the related questions, we contacted the following actors:

  • We have proposed to set-up bilateral agreements concerning the free movements of emergency care vehicles through the border with the neighbouring countries out of the Schengen zone. In order to clarify whether this proposal breaks any national or EU regulation, we addressed the employees of the Border Control Department of the National Police Headquarters.
  • With the possibility of establishing radio communication between ambulances and the foreign dipatcher centre, we addressed the employees of the National Police Headquarters and the Pro-M Zrt. operating within the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIF Zrt).
  • Concerning the territorial scope of the ambulances’ comprehensive insurance and liability insurance, as well as the liability insurance of the staff, and the possibility of its extension, we consulted the ERIX Biztosítási Alkusz és Tanácsadó Kft (insurance broker and consulting company).
  • In order to outline proposals on removing the obstacles encountered, we contacted The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat in Copenhagen, who provide details about the healthcare cooperation on the Swedish-Norwegian border.

To obtain the necessary data for the designation of health service zones along the borders we contacted the following organizations and institutions:

  • Landessicherheitszentrale Burgenland GmbH – Austria
  • Rotes Kreuz Burgenland (Austrian Red Cross) – Austria
  • Internationale und Europäische Angelegenheiten der Sozialversicherung (Associationof Austrian Social Insurance Institutions) – Austria
  • Úrad pre dohľad nad zdravotnou starostlivosťou (The Health Care Surveillance Authority) – Slovakia
  • Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije (The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia) – Slovenia
  • Ministrstvo za zdravje (Ministry of Health) – Slovenia
  • Hrvatski zavod za hitnu medicinu (The Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine) – Croatia
  • Tisza EGTC – Ukraine
  • Transcarpathian Department of Health – Ukraine
  • CESCI Balkans – Serbia