Milestone No. 2

Aim of the second legal accessibility project is to continue the results that were achieved during the Legal Accessibility 1, as well as to continue the previous initiative that are relevant to the process of accessibility on the basis of the EU affairs experience. In the second project, we concentrate on supporting cross-border institutionalized cooperation, we want to contribute to the process of creating the necessary legal framework of this issue.

Implementation of the organizational solutions, included in the horizontal recommendations, belong to the competence of the Ministry, therefore this project proposal does not involve any of these activities for this purpose. At the same time – completely independently from the project – our association assures all the professional help in order to set up and operate the proposed organizational framework.

Objectives of the present project:

  • managing the professional policy issues, obstacles identified in the first project;
  • establishing of professional partnerships that help the elimination of obstacles;
  • promotion of practical solutions for the identified problems in the first project.

Within the second milestone, on the one hand we implement activities that help to eliminate the legal and the policy barriers of cross-border institutional co-operation, on the other hand we articulate a proposal for a web information platform that helps the process that the Hungarian and foreign citizens are informed uniformly. Subsequently, our work does not concentrate to deeply return to the identified obstacles which discovered during the first project, but we focus only on the issue of institutional co-operation and we make a proposal on the management of shortage of information.