4th meeting of the local products working group (28th of November, 2017)

Reminder about the working group meeting

Szabolcs Hancsók welcomed the participants at the beginning of the meeting on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture that assured space for the meeting, then Gyula Ocskay presented the results of the extended questionnaire survey. He expressed in his introduction that they accepted the filled questionnaires until 20th of November; subsequently, they finished the digitalization, and a presentation was prepared from the results of the questionnaire survey.

In comparison with the previous measurement, the extension resulted in processing of 452 consumers’ questionnaires and 341 producers’ questionnaires which is an appropriate number in order to make realistic deductions. He underlined that the final results do not significantly differ from the results of the previous limited questionnaire survey: the vast majority of the respondents is ready to accept that small-scale producers, from the areas beyond the border, might sell their products in Hungarian markets with certain conditions (especially on the basis of mutuality).

Neither question nor comments were received in relation to the questionnaire survey.

Subsequently, the topic was the study itself and only two comments were articulated. CESCI inbuilt the comments into the document – with certain analytical section. The study was published in the end of the year 2017 and it was published on the webpage of CESCI. From the notions of the conclusion of the analysis, it was emphasized that legislative changes were not initiated, because solution of the identified problems would be disproportionately hard task in comparison with the volume of the trade. Instead, the study will propose some alternative solutions.

At the end of the meeting, Gyula Ocskay thanked the joint work of participants of the working group. 

The following participants were present:

  • Ferenc Deák, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Dr. Szabolcs Hancsók, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Gergely Lantos, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Dr. Ágnes Major, lawyer
  • Gyula Ocskay, CESCI
  • Mihály Szalai,  Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

Document relating to the meeting of the working group can be downloaded: