1st meeting of the local products working group (20th of June, 2017)

Reminder about the working group meeting

Gyula Ocskay welcomed the participants on behalf of CESCI and he thanked for accepting the invitation. He briefly introduced the Association, then he gave an overview of the project with title Legal Accessibility, implemented last year, and about its results on cross-border trade of local products.

On the basis of the background material, which was posted in advance, Márta Torda, Head of General Department, indicated that they would like to cooperate in discussion of the issue with CESCI. On the one side, she offered that the meetings could be held in the building of the Ministry of Agriculture, on the other side she promised a help that the relevant general departments of the Ministry will also represent themselves at the meetings. She also proposed a list of additional invitees, like the experts of NÉBIH (in English: The National Food Chain Safety Office), Prime Ministers’ Office, and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture. She promised contacts, too.

Gyula Ocskay thanked for the offered help and he briefly introduced the project schedules and indicators of the Legal Accessibility project in 2017. He mentioned that three experts were invited to offer a tender for legal advice.

The participants agreed that the next meeting of the extended working group will be held on 4th of July in the building of the Ministry. 

The following participants were present:

  • Dr. Szabolcs Hancsók, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Dr. Norbert Jankai, CESCI
  • Gyula Ocskay, CESCI
  • Dr. Márta Torda, Ministry of Agriculture